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Creators Club is the only platform where you brief creators visually.

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Join other industry-leading brands generating and using quality UGC with Creators Club.

Storyboard briefings

Build visual briefings that creators understand. It's easy & fast.

Define how your content should look like scene-by-scene

Find the right balance between product & creator shots

Control the narrative without removing creator creativity

For any kind of video or photo, use case & aspect ratio

Top-notch templates

Create briefings based on battle-tested templates that convert.

Find a template that fits your needs

Tweak it to make your content unique

Create your own from scratch

Save time & maximise results

Track everything

Stay on top of your campaigns, shipments & creators. Anytime.

Follow any campaign as it approaches completion

Make sure creators receive your products on-time

Get notified when creators upload content

Your content library

Manage & grow your content library in a central location.

Get notified when a creator uploads content

Filter by campaign, product, creator & more

Download any file at any time

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